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Planetary Retrogrades

Travelling through planetary retrogrades is an invitation to relax and create spaciousness for dreams.  

This is a time of reconnection. To follow the great sky river and the pathway of birds.  To be in seasonal harmony with the realms of nature and stellar orientation.

The Morning Star Venus embodies self-reflection with love, relationships & finances.  

The synthesis of starlight, sound and vibration within the earthly temple.

Magickal botanicals of rose, apple blossom, damiana, violets and oak moss are all sacred to her as the secrets of the stars. 

Retrograde periods are an ideal time to dive into inner worlds and allow more enchantment and self-reflection in life.

Mercury ☿℞ SD Sept 16th Virgo: ♍︎ 8

Jupiter ♃℞ SD Dec 31st Taurus: ♉︎ 5

Saturn ♄℞ SD Nov 4th Pisces: ♓︎ 00

Uranus ♅℞ SD Jan 27th Taurus: ♉︎ 19

Neptune ♆℞ SD Dec 6th Pisces: ♓︎ 24

Pluto ⚘℞ SD Oct 11th Capricorn: ♑︎ 27

Allow the grace to honour any tiredness of this cycle as you come home to love.

Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃

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