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October Special

Why is the magick of Star Witch Astrology different?

In each session you will experience a deepening of understanding of your unique blueprint this lifetime, all delivered with Mikailah's prophetic wisdom touch.

You learn to work with evolutionary flow through the seasonal cycles of your current life transits


Practical astrological guidance is offered, as you work through the lessons and integrate them & move forward within your own life experience & witchy magick.



This is where you enter the portals of time & the cosmic origin etched in our planet's crystalline structure of rock, fire, water and ether.

If you feel called to have an astrology session with Mikailah - bookings are avail through link in bio.

ENJOY 15% discount of all 1:1 sessions booked for the month of Oct

At the checkout apply discount code


Stardust blessings

¸.•´¸.•*•❥• Mik∆ilah STar Witch Astrology.



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