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The ancient esoteric arts were part of traditional learning.  Divination is the art of premonition and prediction, of foretelling the future.

In ancient history the most famous prophetesses were the Sybillines.  They were associated with springs and caves, that symbolise the vulva of Gaia and her primordial waters of inspiration and rebirth.

The caves represent the dark descent into the Underworld to receive divine guidance.  The springs and wells, also connected to the Underworld and the art of dreaming, evoked subconscious stirrings of the soul.

The Oracles who served at Delphi were also known as the Pythia. They were highly revered for their psychic insights and sought after for their valuable utterances by their community, politicians, state-leaders and royalty.

The chosen Oracle would sit on her tripod waiting for mystical apparitions whilst consciousness expanding vapors seeped into her enclosed chamber from a chasm deep in the earth.

When she received these visions and if ’the time was right’ her voice would carry through the caverns to the petitioner waiting inside the temple sanctuary.

It is interesting to note that above the entrance to the Delphic temple was the inscription ‘Know Thyself’.

It is this profound verse that we carry forth today into our own intimate lives to unveil the gift of prophecy.

‘To know thyself’ is to know one’s own power, grace & strength.  The light & the dark. To feel the deep mystery and say YES to it all.

Stay tuned as I will share more around these juicy witchy topics on my podcast STAR WITCH coming soon!

Stardust blessings

Star Witch Mik∆ilah ⭑

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Love this reminder x


This is beautifully true - I have this as a tattoo

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