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Venus ♀Heavenly Queen

Venus ♀Heavenly Queen of sensuality, beauty + empowerment of the feminine principle.

Venus is now moving direct out of her retrograde cycle (July 23rd - Sept 4th) celebrating her metamorphic rebirth.

Co-joined with Juno, the goddess asteroid of relationships & seasons in the stately, regal sign of Leo and the chamber of hearts.

The planetary ruler of Taurus, Venus represents the earthy embodiment of the seasons & the beautiful medicinal codes of the plant kingdom here on Mama Earth.

Venus ♀ also governs the zodiacal sign of Libra representing artistic beauty, grace and harmony; being in right relationship with ourselves, with each other, our community, the environment and our natural world around us.

As above, so below ~ the celestial heavens and Earth.  This cyclic cosmic rhythm of wisdom and integration guides us as a celestial template here on earth.

I invite you to offer ♀ spells, incantations & mantras to empower your relationship with your sense of love, values, desires & self-acceptance.

Sacred Botanicals: Rose & Tulsi (holy basil)

In ancient times Lilith would go out into the fields and dance the people back into the temples, where they would celebrate the seasonal cycles of life & the sexual rites.

In modern day times we can dance ourselves into relationship with our body, our sensuality, spending time in nature, basking in the solar rays.

Pre-dawn you can now see her as the Morning Star out to the east for 8 months.

Aligning with the lunar month, Venus will dance with the waning balsamic moon activating the chakra gateways every 28 days.

I’ll be doing special forecasts around the Venusian essence throughout this new 19 month cycle as the Morning & Evening Star.

Much love & magick

Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃

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