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VENUS MAGICK new program

Beautiful Star Lovers


I am thrilled to announce the new 9-month journey for VENUS MAGICK & the EVENING STAR starting 8th July 2024.


A modern-day cosmic journey of the Inanna Star with the Moon & Venus dancing together in an intimate relationship. These celestial feminine rites are based on the Inanna Star codes of Venus with the lunar cycle. 


I invite you to join me in monthly activations where you will receive teachings & guidance to support you in preparing your own devotional rituals & practices




  • Astrological energies for the lunar month 

  • Feminine cosmology on ancient teachings

  • Venus & Lunar botanicals - Rose & Blue Lotus

  • Rituals & resources to support each Venus Gate


Each lunar cycle we gather for a 90-minute group video call.  The replays will be available to view in the leisure of your own sacred space if you are a more solitary creature.


There are also exclusive curated guest speakers to inspire you for the year ahead.


Come and join me as the witch in the forest and remember the ancient ways.

If you join upfront before Friday 21st June, you will receive a bonus Invitation to the LIVE Venus Underworld 90min Masterclass for free.


Payment plans are available for Evening Star starting 8th July 2024.

Much love & stardust blessings,

Mikailah Star Witch  𓆃

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