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Venus is the Inanna Star!

I recount this universal myth & underworld journey through soul-crafting, feminine story-telling and witchcraft.

The heavenly movement of the planet Venus is as the 5-pointed star (the origins of the pentagram) - an ancient cosmic journey with Venus and the Sun dancing together in an intimate relationship,

Celebrate LIVE on the SOLSTICE Gateway - Friday 21st June 2024 @ 10.30am AEST.

We will explore the mythology of the Underworld journey and the new Venus Star Point in Gemini.

You are invited to join me in this  activation of the embodied rite of Venus reborn as the Evening Star, through Mugwort & Rose.

You will receive teachings & guidance to support you in preparing your own devotional ritual & practise.

We connect to the collective spirit of priestesses, seers, magi, prophets & witches who honoured these sacred rites down the celestial timeline.

This 90min LIVE STREAM Masterclass is a prelude to the Inanna / Evening Star program starting July 8th 2024.

The REPLAY will be available if you are unable to join the live Masterclass.

​To secure your spot - link in profile

Much love & magick

Mikailah Rachael

Star Witch  Astrology 𓆃


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