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COSMIC WITCH 2024 program

Beautiful Star Lovers


I am thrilled to announce the new 9-month program for COSMIC WITCH 2024 starting 20th March.


This is witchcraft, seasonal earth cycles, and astrological planetary lore all in one magickal online cauldron.


As a hereditary witch & daughter of star wisdom, I have been in forest temples rewilding with the wild thorns & rose petals ☽ 

Time has shown me there is a natural reciprocation when in communion with the guardians of the elemental realm.

We are all witches somewhere back in those timelines.


In COSMIC WITCH 2024, we dream & listen to the quiet whisperings of the ancient ways of the earth and this is what I am excited to share with you.  


We will learn about the basics of botanical lore & energetic communion with your chosen plant spirit & planetary ally.


Together we will explore the stars and cosmic rhythms with your cycles and everyday witchy life. 

Or maybe you want to create a connection with the magick more powerfully.


Each month we track the astrological energies + witchy asteroids so you are empowered to harness the celestial codes as above so below.  

I will be your personal astrologer in this intimate group setting so no prior experience of astrology is needed.


You will also receive access to all the Star Witch library resources including Lunar Magick & the Witches Year recorded video modules throughout this time in the COSMIC WITCH cauldron.


You will receive a complimentary 1:1 personal 60min session of your choice plus a 45min channelled guidance session with Sephora - Lady of 1000 Roses.


There are also exclusive curated guest speakers to inspire you for the year ahead.


Come and join me as the witch in the forest and remember the ancient ways.

Early bird special available till 15th March - save $200.

Only a few limited places are left.

Much love Mikailah x

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