Star Witch Astrology

In offering my gifts and skills, I use astrological practices to map out a person’s soul contract to release old blueprints that no longer serve.Releasing karmic blocks or magnetic imprints that hinder people from stepping forth, sets them on the path of transformation through being courageous enough to step into their full expressed potential.I collaborate with people who take radical self-responsibility for their lives.Supporting people to recognise their life’s purpose, their soul gifts, and why they have chosen to be here at this point in the evolution of humanity is my inspiration for offering this stellar work.My unique intuitive abilities support me in traversing into galactic realms, channelling spirits, yet remaining exceptionally grounded in the here and now.My journeys in all worlds have taught me that being spiritual is irrelevant without having the practical tools and resources to support everyday life.Star Witch Astrology sessions are curated to support you in your true expression of authentic self + soul business out in the world.
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My mission is to help people transform by bringing magick and creativity into their lives, and to ultimately contribute to the evolution of humanity with new ways of living.Stardust blessings¸.•´¸.•*•?• Mikailah STar Witch Astrology •?•*¨*•.¸¸..?.
Imagine a life where you ….
  • Dream a new world into being.
  • Exist in harmonious relationship with the laws of creation
  • Know your own brilliance and unique abilities.
  • Rest in the goodness of your heart
  • Embody confidence & courage to achieve evolutionary flow.
  • Soar with clarity to live from your highest truth & freedom
  • Exist in divine heavenly order & cosmic union
Stardust blessings To find out more details about your Star Witch session
Stardust blessings¸.•´¸.•*•?• Mikailah STar Witch Astrology •?•*¨*•.¸¸..?.