Welcome to my Star Witch home …..

Life can be joyful, messy and unpredictable at times.

So let us explore the sacred art of astrology together…

This is a cosmic yet contemporary tool that empowers you to discover deeper aspects of your transpersonal self.  Based on your unique birth chart and the interpretation of planets and symbols within a twelve house system ~ a living mandala of life and seasons.  We begin the session with your natal chart, the record of your birth and map to your Authentic Self & Soul Purpose.

These interactive astrology sessions offer practical guidance for you to explore your current life directions with personal choice & freedom ~ there is ample space for Q&A.  A digital audio recording will be emailed to you after the session. This is a valuable resource in the following months to keep you aligned with your cosmic flow.

To book a session please click on the link – https://www.starwitchastrology.com/work-with-me/

I look forward to connecting & sharing star medicine with you … from a sacred mountain in Australia.

Stardust blessings, Mikailah 

“Finally a woman who speaks her truth from the depths of her soul, gently guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and memory. We all have the capacity within us to know our truth, but sometimes we need someone like Mikailah who offers the most sacred space to allow us to remember and reclaim it for ourselves in our own time and our own way” Jane