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Star Witch Astrology - Mikailah

Welcome Cunning, Magickal Folk,

This is where you will find witch-lore, seasonal earth cycles,

and the sacred art of astrology, all in one online magickal cauldron.

We will reveal your soul's blueprint
in your astrological birth chart

This is where we delve deep into exploring your astrological gifts and passions.

It is the alchemy of ancient wisdom that is within you

to be unearthed and remembered.

Star Witch Astrology, Mikailah, Australia, Southern Hemisphere Astrology Readings


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1:1 Astrology Sessions

Birth chart & transit readings for the year ahead. 


Evolutionary astrology counselling is used to explore your magickal gifts within your soul chart & life choices for the coming year.


Sessions are 60 minutes online via zoom.

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The Holy Witches Session

A unique fusion of astrology to discover your relationship to Black Moon Lilith & the asteroid Medea in your chart + other witchy aspects including oracles & seers.


This is an optional session when you book. 


This session is complimentary in  Cosmic Witch 2024 program.


Live online educational trainings designed to give you an embodied experiential learning journey.

The Embodied Venus

Morning & Evening Star Activations


Experience the mystery teachings of the Cosmic Mother to Earth.


Scholarships are available.


Evening Star Journey starts July 2024

Explore seasonal sabbats, botanical lore & earth dreaming all woven into the 2024 astrological planetary transits in your witchy life.


Witches, Oracles & Seers

Group mentoring for 9 months

Starts March 20th 2024



Celebrating the Holy Days

8-Star Points of the Witches Year. 


Join 2024 live online circles.



Lunar Magick

Lunar insights so you can discover you own connection to the moon.


Educational series available March 2024




Witch Goddess Series

Feminine archetypes & asteroids

Vivid storytelling, ancient mythology & embodied journey work.


Mikailah shares prominent witchy asteroids & invites you to cast magick into the cauldron of mythology.


Part I & II online classes


Star Witch Astrology, Mikailah, Australia, Southern Hemisphere Astrology Readings
 There are astrology readings, and then there is a session with Mikailah, which is more like sitting at the feet of a Delphic Oracle and speaking with the stars.”

Lhamo ~ Ministry of She 
Star Witch Astrology, Mikailah, Australia, Southern Hemisphere Astrology Readings

I walk the ancient rainforests, sing to the waterways, 

and listen to the bird songs of Mt Tamborine (Jambreen ~ wild lime) 

the land on which I live.


Deepest respect to elders past, present and emerging, 

the Wangerriburra People of the Yugambeh Nation.  


May Mibbun (eaglehawk) always guide us home.

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