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Meeting at the Crossroads

Beautiful magickal folk thank you for joining me here!

I feel it maybe time to share a little about myself as a Witch first & foremost, who practices the sacred art of astrology.

​I was born in Australia and spent my childhood growing up in New Zealand (Aotearoa).  My most cherished memories are of snow-capped mountains and walking the ancient indigenous tracks to the sea.

I have always been a mystic, dreamer & poet and whilst living in England I trained in the esoteric modalities including traditional witchcraft, tarot & the mystical arts.  It was only when I faced a death initiation with a poison of the old gods that I discovered astrology as a potent tool for unearthing the psyche.

Professional qualifications in transpersonal psychotherapy & astrology soon followed, which combine beautifully in my business Star Witch Astrology.

As an ancestral earth Witch it is in my DNA to dance under the stars and converse with the spirits of nature.  My earth poet blueprint inspired me to learn mystical animism, and initiations by indigenous elders helped guide me back to myself.

My journeys are the source of my greatest gifts and opened channels through prophetic dreams and powerful messages.  These teachings and personal experiences support me in my practice as an evolutionary mentor.


The wisdom, maturity, and experience I have gained over the years have shown me at times that life is messy, unpredictable, and chaotic.

My mission is to support people to ignite magick and creativity in their lives and ultimately contribute to humanity's evolution through dreaming in a new way of being.


I have now returned home full circle to Australia, where I live on a sacred mountain with my family.  I walk the ancient rainforest, practising my craft as an older and wiser version of myself. 

It is here I continue my life's fascination through the studies of anthropology, witchcraft and ethnobotany.

So beautiful cunning folk, I thank you for letting me into your world briefly and I invite you to venture deep into the roots of your star chart to access the heavenly branches above. ​


Much love & stardust blessings x

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